The MankyBeds Story So Far ...

In June 2013, Paul McGeady and Mark Cooper chanced a go at a slightly drunken duet in a local Cambridgeshire pub. A small round of applause greeted them and that was it - MankyBeds were born. Why the name? Paul is from Manchester and Mark from Bedford - it’s as simple as that.

That summer, they were asked to play at the local beer festival proving so popular that what was a Saturday afternoon gig became an all-weekender appearing on every day of the event.

Word of mouth recommendation soon saw the band appear in other Cambridge establishments and on occasion, Ewan Cooper would make a guest appearance on drums.

Things looked bleak for the band when circumstance meant that Cooper had to move away from Cambridge. However, a second set of circumstances saw McGeady also head in that direction. The pair found themselves living only 15 minutes apart once more, in a new county, and an opportunity to take it by storm.

After appearing at the Rutland Beer Festival, performing at the fantastic Grainstore Brewery, Oakham, Mankybeds were back.  Ace bass guitarist Gary Tyler enquired about performing with them, and the triangle became a square.

In July 2021, Ewan stepped back from drumming in order to pursue his sports interest.  Miles Davis joined the band, making his debut in the August Oakham festival